Mohit Aron and I have shared some common touch points over the years. We both studied computer science at IIT Delhi. My previous venture firm, Blumberg Capital lead the seed round in Nutanix. It has been fascinating to see Mohit through different lenses over the years. He co-founded Nutanix in 2009 along with Dheeraj Pandey and Ajeet Singh. Nutanix successfully went public in 2016 for a market cap in excess of $3B. He is now founder and CEO of Cohesity which has been on an exciting trajectory. If you meet Mohit even briefly, it is hard to miss that he is brilliant and extremely driven. But what was Mohit‘s journey? More importantly, what was his inner journey? We host ‘Plain Talk’ series of events that foster very candid conversations about everything. As part of our Plain Talk series, we hosted a fireside chat with Mohit Aron a few days ago and delved into these areas.


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