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100x engineers? 1000x engineers?

Tech leaders have long sought out the elusive 10x software engineer. With the AI and automation tools emerging from the latest in Generative AI and LLMs, we are witnessing a seismic shift in machine capabilities. At Emergent, we have been meeting companies and seeing...

Sales is sales, but venture fundraising is not

In the early days of a startup, B2B startup founders are often building their organizational muscle on two core areas — sales and fundraising. These two feel similar in some ways, and we see many early-stage founders implicitly start to use the same tactics while...

Warm up that cold email

Are you or your company sending cold emails to prospects? Cold outreach today is a very valuable and fairly scalable channel for generating leads and interesting conversations. For startups, cold outreach — when done right — is an excellent tool. It can be...

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