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Sizing your addressable market

The Market Size section on pitch decks is valuable real estate but is often a missed opportunity in our experience. Here are some suggestions to make this section of your pitch work for you at the seed and early stages: How much will be spent on your category in 2026...

The Problem of Data Trustworthiness in Enterprises

A lot is happening in the data world these days -- ever since Jeff Bezos talked about specialized databases for specialized workloads. A natural consequence of this specialization is the proliferation of databases in a typical enterprise today - sometimes, upto 10...

Founders, determine COVID impact granularly and adapt!

There’s a lot being said and written about the impact of the current COVID-19 induced economic crisis on SaaS businesses, and how founders and management should react. Many teams have already made the first adjustments. One thing that deserves more attention is that...

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