Where We Invest

We invest in category-defining B2B startups at seed and early stages. We are high-conviction investors and lead rounds. We partner with ambitious entrepreneurs on a rapid growth trajectory and the desire to make an immense impact. Our targeted inputs, growth playbook and community of successful mentors enable our portfolio entrepreneurs to get to the next major milestone faster.


Pre-seed to early scaling stages

Sector Focus

Intelligent B2B Software

Post Investment

Highly targeted resources to help you get to the next milestone faster

  • Intelligent Software

    Intelligent Software is the next generation of enterprise and B2B software that gets smarter with use. Intelligent Software is often fueled by AI, Machine Learning and modern data processing techniques. It efficiently leverages data coming from customer use, third parties, or from IoT devices such as sensors, cameras, smart devices and robots. We believe that Intelligent Software has the potential to re-invent and transform a wide range of industry verticals and business functions to bring customers higher efficiency, new revenue streams, automation and ease of use. Our Intelligent Software focus includes the underlying Cloud and Infrastructure Software that makes the application layers more functional and feasible. 

    Emergent’s focus sub-themes within Enterprise/SaaS include areas such as Intelligent Voice and Video, DevOps and Developer Tools, Vertical SaaS, Finance-tech, Smart Logistics, and Cloud Infrastructure Management.

Our Geographic Focus

The Emergent team is based in Silicon Valley. We invest in Intelligent Software startups targeting the US as a primary market. We like partnering with companies that build products in an emerging tech hub and leverage Silicon Valley to create a world-class go-to-market engine. We have backed companies originating from – or with engineering teams in – tech hubs such as Bangalore, Atlanta, Austin, and Europe.

The Emergent Advantage

With targeted inputs from our partnership, we will help your startup get to the next level faster. In addition to providing strategic inputs, making introductions and being a sounding board, we provide targeted inputs in three key areas –

  • Product-Market Fit Refinement

    As an early stage entrepreneur, you need to bring together two seemingly divergent extremes: you need to have an initial focus that is narrow and achievable, yet present a large long-term vision. We bring deep prior product experience and work with you on picking the right initial target segment and sharpening the use cases

  • Leadership Development

    Develop leadership via self-awareness. We help our entrepreneurs become effective leaders through proven tools and access to extraordinary leaders in our network. We also help you onboard top leadership talent in the company that is consistent with your goals and culture.

  • Growth Playbook

    Developing a scalable go-to-market requires bringing together art and science. We help you develop and execute a capital efficient go-to-market plan focused on the right metrics, maximize impact with limited initial resources, and navigate the fundraising landscape

  • The Emergent Mentor Network

    Our community of more than 100 successful entrepreneurs and technology executives is there to provide those rare game-changing insights and open doors. It is not just another loosely affiliated mentor network. Each of our mentors has a deep personal and economic interest in helping the Emergent community succeed. Each mentor has been in your shoes and has scaled a large business before.

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